How does the 50 / 50 Draw Work ?

The 50-50 draw is best described as a raffle for a prize – the amount of that prize is based on the amount of 50-50 Draw Tickets that are sold.

Each 50-50 ticket costs 2 Euro – you can buy as few or as many as you like. Of course the more you buy then the bigger the cash prize at the end of the night.

Example: 200 50/50 Tickets sold @ 2 Euro a ticket. This equates to 400 Euro. Prize fund is 200 Euro.

Guaranteed One Winner each Saturday Night

When does the Draw take Place ?

The draw takes place on Saturday Night each week at 11pm.

Where does the Draw take Place ?

The draw will take place in a different pub throughout the parish. It was launched in Coffey Bar & Lounge, Lecarrow on Sat 22nd Dec 2012.

It will then rotate to various premises in the parish – Neds, Murrays, Kellys and The Claypipe.

What does a 50/50 Ticket Look like ?Lotto Tickets

St.Dominic’s Club are using envelopes instead of a ticket. The purchaser puts 2 Euro in the envelope and writes their name and contact details on it.


Where can I buy a 50/50 Ticket (Envelope) ?

Envelopes are available in all the different public houses in the parish. Knockcroghery PO, Costcutters Knockcroghery, Coffeys Merchants and John Corcoran Menswear. They will also be available from members of the executive of the Club.

Where can you can drop the ticket to be entered in the draw ?

Tickets can be dropped into the various premises listed above, can also be brought to the location of the draw on the Saturday Night. You can, if you wish, drop the ticket to a member of the executive

Can I buy Yearly or Half Yearly ticket ?


Yearly ticket for 100 Euro – this will enter you in 52 Draws (You get 2 Free Draws)

Half Yearly ticket for 50 Euro – this will enter you in 26 Draws (You get 1 Free Draw)

Once your yearly / bi yearly subscription is received you will be automatically entered in the following weeks draw.

Where can I register for a Yearly or Half Yearly ticket ?

The form is available to download from the bottom of this page

How do we know who Wins?

The information will be notified and displayed in the the Public Houses, In the Club Notes, On the Club Website and on the Club Twitter account.

If you have any further queries in relation to the 50/50 draw Ring 087-3552383

and Good Luck !