Football Tips:
 Gets attackers to move to create space
 Defenders practice cutting off space
How to Play:
 Put players in groups of 5 (1 defender & 4 attackers)
 Use grids (10m x 10m)
 Attackers stay outside the area, defender stays inside.
 Attackers score a point when they make a successful pass to another attacker.
 Defenders score two points for a block/intercept.
 Change the defender every 30 seconds.
 Increase the time
 Increase/reduce the grid size
 Cones
 Bibs
 Footballs
 Stopwatch & Whistle

Coach quotes:
Start by getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus and the right people in the right seats.

Hurling Tips:

• Skill is only achieved when you have speed, accuracy, fluency and sureness together.
• Speed is only achieved when Hands, feet, eye, mind, reaction and stroke are all present at one time.
• In hurling we use 12 basic movements: jumping, twisting, running, bending, shuffling/hopping, etc.

• A player should be taught never to be on their back heels but to be on the ball of their foot like a boxer.

• Research has shown that before 200 ball contacts we don’t learn anything new, thus after 200 contacts learning takea place.
• We should therefore aim for 300 to 400 ball contacts per session.
• Every Saturday before a game DJ Carey had 300 pucks against the gable end to feel ‘ready’ for action.

• It takes 9 weeks to change a habit or do it 18 times to become a way of life.

Coaching Tips and Quotes