 Improves decision making
 Make’s players think about runs off the ball
How to Play:
 Mark out a grid approximately 40m x 40m
 Divide players into two teams – 4v4/5v5/6v6
 Set up 3 – 4 goals within the grid.
 Players score by completing a pass through one of the goals to a team mate.
 Players cannot score through the same goal twice in a row
 Narrow the goals
 Impose conditions on the game, e.g. no hop/solo
 Footballs
 Cones
 Bibs
 Poles
 Stopwatch & Whistle

Hurling Coaching Tip:
Pass the Sharks:
 Assures players are properly warmed up
 Helps with agility
How to Play
 All players line up along the side-line well-spaced out.
 Nominate 3 or 4 to stand along a middle line between the 2 side-lines these are the ‘Sharks’.
 The aim is for the fish to swim past the sharks without being tagged. If tagged they become a shark.
 Reduce the size of the playing area
 Increase number of sharks
 Stopwatch & Whistle
 Cones

Coach quotes: You should always be evaluating who you spend our time with. So much of our success is linked to the circles we travel in.

Football and Hurling Tips